Approved candidate for Vice President of the Democratic party of the United States

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The democratic party of the United States officially approved a candidate for Vice President. This was announced by the Chairman of the democratic national Convention, Congressman from Mississippi benny Thompson. The event is broadcast on YouTube.

Senator Kamala Harris of California has been selected as the democratic candidate for Vice President. Prior to that, she had served as the state attorney General since 2011. Harris is the daughter of a Jamaican and Indian native. This is the first time in U.S. history when a candidate from any party for this post to become a woman, a representative of the non-white population of the country.

On August 11, Joe Biden announced that he had selected Senator Harris as a Vice presidential candidate. According to him, she is a fearless fighter for the little man and one of the best civil servants in the country.

Incumbent President Donald trump expressed surprise at Biden’s decision. The head of state noted that Harris performed poorly in the democratic primaries. In addition, before that, the Senator was very disrespectful to Biden and said terrible things about him, the host of the White house stressed.