The worst flood in decades occurred in China

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Torrential rains in the South-Western part of China led to the worst floods in recent decades, EuroNews reports.

More than 128 thousand residents of the city of Chongqing were evacuated, and its streets near the Yangtze river were flooded. At least two people were killed and at least three are missing. In the provinces of Hubei and Sichuan in connection with the cataclysm declared the highest level of weather alert.

It is noted that the nearby hydroelectric dam “Three gorges” recorded the highest water level in 14 years since its construction, the flood is considered the strongest in the region since 1981.

According to the report, the water threatens the historical temple complex and the famous huge Buddha statue, included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

As reported earlier in August, natural disasters on the background of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic were a heavy blow to the Chinese economy.