Huge beach party in Wuhan justified in Chinese media

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Chinese Pro-state media The Global Times justified the participants of a beach party of thousands in the city of Wuhan: the outrage of foreigners about it was explained by envy.

We are talking about an event in one of the major pools of the city: according to published records and photos, several thousand people came to it. The guests were extremely crowded, and there were no restrictions on the distance.

The publication describes the indignation of the Australian and British media and their readers: they were outraged that Wuhan, which became the first hotbed of the deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus, is celebrating while the rest of the world is suffering from a pandemic.

In response to this, the publication cites comments from Chinese users that reflect the opposite point of view. They claim that in the West, Wuhan was condemned when its residents were kept in strict quarantine for 76 days, and now they condemn what was made possible by such measures — that is, it is simply a matter of”dislike for everything Chinese”.

According to a us intelligence report published on August 19, authorities in Wuhan and Hubei province in General provoked the spread of SARS-CoV-2 infection. For several weeks after the outbreak, they did not report everything that was happening to Beijing, keeping the Central authorities in the dark.

According to the Johns Hopkins Institute, more than 22.4 million cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus have been recorded in the world, and more than 787,000 people have died due to related causes. In China, according to official information, less than 90 thousand people were infected, and 4.7 thousand patients died.