Obama declared trump an enemy of democracy

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Us President Donald trump is an enemy of democracy, ready to destroy it in America. This was stated at the virtual Congress of the us Democratic party by former head of state Barack Obama, his speech is published by the New York Times.

“This administration has shown that it is ready to destroy our democracy if it is necessary to win. So we will have to strengthen it, ” the newspaper quotes Obama as saying.

In total, the word “democracy” is used 18 times in a 19-minute speech. According to the former American leader, the current one does not try to grow above himself to be President, and works only for his own benefit and the interests of other rich people, while despising democratic institutions.

Based on this, Obama urged voters to vote for trump’s opponent, Democrat Joe Biden. In the same speech, he called him his brother and said that if elected, Biden could lead the country out of troubled times.

Earlier, trump said that his coming to power contributed to the fact that Obama did not do his job. He noted that if Obama and Biden had performed their duties properly, he would not have run for President in 2016.

The us election is scheduled for November 3, 2020. According to the SSRS, 50 percent of respondents are ready to vote for the Democrats. Trump and incumbent Vice President Michael Pence won 46 percent of the votes of potential voters.