Trump supported the fight of conspiracy theorists with Satanists-pedophiles

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US President Donald trump at a press conference verbally supported the qanon movement, which denounces Satanists-pedophiles in the ranks of American elites. Segments from his speech were published on Twitter by Vox journalist Aaron Rupard.

When asked to comment on QAnon, the President said that he knows how well supporters of such theories treat Him, and stressed that he appreciates it. The reporter continued the question, clarifying whether he really, as conspiracy theorists believe, saves the world from the cult of pedophiles and cannibals.

“Is this supposed to sound like something bad? Actually, Yes, we are saving the world, ” trump said. He clarified that his administration is saving the world from a radical left-wing philosophy that can destroy the United States and then spread to the rest of the world.

In 2018, it was reported that Michael William LeBron, one of The qanon leaders, visited trump for a personal conversation.

Supporters of the QAnon movement, which supports trump, believe that well-known representatives of the Democratic party are actually secret pedophiles. They put Hollywood stars, media representatives, and some officials on a par with the Democrats. Supporters of this idea also believe that there is a plot to overthrow or kill the current head of state, who in turn is trying to uncover it. They also believe that trump is supported by the military, and his opponents will eventually be purged and sent to Guantanamo Bay, writes the Independent.

In November 2016, a scandal broke out in the United States over the leaked correspondence of John Podesta, the campaign Chairman of the us presidential candidate from the Democratic party Hillary Clinton. Among the emails, visitors to Reddit discovered the” secret code ” PizzaGate, allegedly created by the US political elite to transmit messages about sexual relations with children.