In the US, the increased mortality from coronavirus among blacks was explained

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The candidate in Vice-presidents of the United States Kamala Harris explained the increased mortality rate from coronavirus in the country among African – and Hispanic. Her words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

According to her, the increased mortality from COVID-19 among national minorities is related to the problem of structural racism in the United States. Harris noted that the virus does not affect everyone equally. “Blacks, Latinos and indigenous people suffer and die disproportionately more often,” she explained.

According to Harris, this is not a coincidence. The politician noted that such racism is expressed in the form of inequality in education, health, including reproductive and maternal health, housing, employment and transport, as well as in “excessive use of force by the police and in our broader criminal justice system.”

Harris said that Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden would unite the country to “end this pandemic.”

Earlier, Senator Kamala Harris of California was selected as the democratic candidate for Vice President. Prior to that, she had served as the state attorney General since 2011. Harris is the daughter of a Jamaican and Indian native. This is the first time in U.S. history when a candidate from any party for this post to become a woman, a representative of the non-white population of the country.